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I donʼt workout, I hate treadmills, can I still take this class?
Yes! We design these workouts in a way that all fitness levels are together in the same class. You can be a walker, jogger or runner and the instructor will work with you to figure out what is best for you. Also, you control your treadmill so you control your workout! If something seems too much you are able to scale it back.

What do you do at BTF?
Our workouts are 55 minutes long with 5 minutes at the end for stretching. You will do 20-25 min of cardio as well as 20-25 min of weight training. A new workout is professionally written every day to ensure you are always doing something a little different. Each day on the weights, we target a different body part. While you are on the treadmill you will walk, jog, run sprints, climb hills, and lots of creative combinations. The workouts are always different and we will always keep you on your toes. Our goal is to help push you in a way you didn't think you could push yourself.

Will BTF help me lose weight?

Yes and no! We will do our part (exercise), but you need to do your part (diet) which is really 80% of the equation according to science. Your diet (daily food regimen) is going to be the deciding factor for how much and how quickly you lose weight and body fat. BTF will give you everything we can for the fitness factor, but you can't outwork a bad diet. 

What's with the late cancellation fee?

Each class only has 20 spots. The late cancellation fee is in here to protect the spot you have reserved. When you cancel, you are giving up that spot with the potential it will not be filled. Not to mention, it's motivation to not cancel when you're just “not feeling it.” If 12 hours is not a good fit for your lifestyle, then you'll have to just wait until that day when you are sure you can make it. 

How does childcare work? Are my kids too old or too young?

Our childcare services are offered Monday - Friday for all morning classes. Monday/Wednesday /Thursday for evening classes.They start with the 8:15am class and last throughout the day. Saturday, childcare is available for the 8:45am and 10:15am classes. You can buy 5, 10 or 20 passes at a time. You may sign your children in using the “daily childcare” sign up option on the schedule. We ask that babies are a minimum of 3 months old. If your child is “older” and does not “need” childcare, we ask that you still pay the $2 fee. Even though they are older, we still expect our workers to be sure they are safe and provide assistance if needed.

If I get added to a class last minute from the wait list but I canʼt come, will I be charged
a late cancellation fee?

Not at this time. But, we do ask that as a courtesy to those on the waitlist behind you that you take yourself off of the waitlist when you know you can no longer come to the class. 

Will I get bulky if I lift at BTF?

Not possible! Your body may change and fit differently in your clothes but you will tone, not bulk.

What's the deal with the shoe policy?

We ask that you bring a pair of clean shoes that you can change into before class and out of afterwards. If those shoes have been worn outside, just wipe them off before going into the dark room. Pebbles and dirt are like kryptonite to a treadmill. We want the beating our Star Tracs take to come from you, not the debris that gets tracked in!

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